About the Fair - Intermob Istanbul Fair

Intermob Fair stands out as an international trade platform shaping the future of furniture side industry. The fair brings together the most innovative and inspiring designs and solutions in the sector, offering a unique trade show experience not only for furniture manufacturers but also for a diverse audience, including design enthusiasts, construction professionals, architects, as well as mattress manufacturers. Displaying a wide range of products, from furniture trends pushing the boundaries of creativity to genuine material uses, the fair provides visitors with a brand-new perspective on the future of living spaces. As a meeting point for leading brands and design experts in the industry, Intermob Fair attracts significant attention as a global trade event influencing sector dynamics every year. Exhibiting companies in the fields of furniture accessories and systems, forestry products, chipboard, doors, covers, panels, profiles, covering materials, edge bands, upholstery materials and equipment, fabric and foam cutting machines, as well as furniture chemicals, paints, adhesives, production materials, and equipment, showcase their innovations and latest solutions, engaging with visitors during the show.